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I'm a woman and I hate wearing bras.

Why? Because they're uncomfortable, simple as that.

As a proud member of the itty bitty titty committee, I thankfully almost never have to wear bras. I'm especially grateful during these summer months, when the ‘breast cages' become an actual living hell as opposed to the helpful support I'm supposed to be feeling. And I am morally opposed to wearing anything uncomfortable for long periods of time.

But I haven't always been like this. Growing up I was insecure about my smaller chest and would wear the Victoria's Secret bras that promised to add 2 cups to my A-sized chest.

Way before bralettes were popular it was hard to find pretty bras that didn't have an underwire built in. Considering my small size I definitely did not need a wires, yet I'd find myself having them being jabbed into my ribcage when the bra broke after one too many uses. However, I continued to wear them because I felt like it was a rule. I thought that I had to wear bras and that anything else would be completely unacceptable.

Au naturel? Quelle horreur!

For years this was the truth I knew, and unfortunately it was the truth I accepted. I blindly nodded my head to wearing something that I didn't need. My small mosquitoes bites really didn't need over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders because my “boulders” are more like pebbles if you ask me.

To some of my friends I'm the “hippy, liberal one.” I'm the one who's down to go to naked yoga classes and the one who yells back at cat-callers on the street. I'm a hardcore feminist and Democrat and it's very hard to get me to shut up once I'm on a roll, so some people have asked if I'm trying to make a statement or something by letting my ladies do their thang. The answer? No! The only reason I go braless is because it's comfortable and because I can.

Honestly, the only times I'll wear a bra is if I'm going to go workout because trust me, it's no fun to train for a marathon with two small sandbags popping up and down. So I wear sports-bras while exercising, and “normal” bras if I'm at work and I think the Arctic temperature in there might bring the ladies out to dance. I'll be the first to admit that I have an emergency bra stashed under my desk in case there's a meeting or I have a work event to attend. But do I go into the office with one? Honestly, no.

I won't wear something that digs into my ribcage. I won't wear something that will make me feel like I'm wearing an extra layer while there's a heat wave in the city. I won't wear heels either, but that's another story. The point is that if something isn't comfortable and making me happy, I won't wear it. And I know I'm not alone.

The #FreeTheNipple campaign has been extremely popular in the past few years. Women are becoming more outspoken about being able to breast-feed their infants in public without being shamed. More and more of us are ditching constructed bras and are choosing to either let them hang loose or opt for a more comfortable version like a bralette or sports bra. We want to be comfortable and we don't want to be judged for it.

The best part of my day used to be when I'd come home and unhook my bra, but now it isn't. I never have to crave that moment of boobie freedom because I have it all day long, and God does it feel good.