Eva Longoria Parker, that is. The actress appears on InStyle magazine's March cover

Por People Staff
Updated Febrero 07, 2008
Eva Longoria: In Style March 2008 cover issue

The March issue of InStyle takes you inside the closet of Eva Longoria Parker, who appears on the cover of the popular magazine. In the comfort of her own home, the actress of Mexican descent shows off her favorite outfits and accessories and opens up about her marriage with San Antonio Spurs basketball star Tony Parker.

“I love my new name. In Texas people are formal, so now it's ‘Mrs. Parker.' I feel old! But I love it,” the Over Her Dead Body star says. She also talks about a not-so-nice aspect of married life: the rumors. “If you fight every [rumor] that comes up against you, you look guilty; if you don't fight everything you look guilty. So you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. The bottom line is, Tony and I are very much in love and we're also tough-skinned, so we're able to handle this,” the confident starlet reveals.

When it comes to being a style icon, Eva's biggest fan is her husband. “I like the way Eva dresses – she's always elegant,” Tony gushes. And his favorite outfit on his wife? “I like her in jeans. It's fine when she dresses up for red-carpet events. But when she's just with me, it's nice and simple.”

The March issue also features an all-new video component that includes over 20 videos of exclusive interviews with stylish celebrities, fashion and beauty scoops and behind-the-scenes tours. Click here to check it out!