What did Eduardo Santamarina say about his alleged romance with co-host, Mayrín Villanueva? Who did Enrique Iglesias refuse to kiss? Find out here!

Por Lena Hansen
Updated Julio 18, 2008

Even behind the curtain, Gloria Trevi stole the show. Possessed by the adrenaline of her dynamic performance during the gala, the “5 minutes” singer came to the newsroom looking prim and proper, but she soon let it rip. When asked what she does to save the environment she joked, “I don't wear underwear so I don't use up energy to wash them,” making it clear –amidst hoots and hollers from the crowd–that she was wearing a pair of undies for the event that evening.

But on a more serious note, Trevi revealed that when she was a child, she leaned slightly toward autism. “I was very quiet, I had an inner world full of fantasies, very Disney.” Today, the “Todos me miran” singer is the one that inspires male fantasies with her daring moves on the dance floor. “If something fascinates me, it comes out of me like hurricane,” she said.

Enrique Iglesias also regaled the newsroom with his sense of humor and mischief. When the flamboyant Cuban news reporter Mayi Salas, from Quiéreme Descalzi (América TeVe) inched up to him to plant a kiss on his lips like she did last year, the Spanish singer escaped her advance this time. Perhaps her blue wig and dramatic greeting–”Here's your girl!”–were warning enough for him to make a quick getaway.

The one who failed to dodge difficult questions was actor Eduardo Santamarina, who hosted the awards with Mayrín Villanueva. When they asked him about rumors that he was having a fling with Villanueva –his co-star in the telenovela Yo amo a Juan querendón who recently separated from her husband, actor Jorge Poza–, Santamarina looked a bit impatient.

“I love Mayrín very much, we're friends,” said the actor without losing his sanity, adding, “people believe what they want to believe.” Santamarina also shied away from questions about his exes– Susana González and Itati Cantoral, who are pregnant with other men's babies–saying: “I'm not going to talk about Mayrín, or Susana, or Itati”.

And on the “green” carpet…
Accompanied by her husband, Karla Martínez shined brightly on the green carpet, irradiating happiness and joy about her 7-month pregnancy. The host of Despierta América (Univisión) wore an orange dress designed by Rosita Hurtado, a collar made of wood and feathers, with her hair braided and wrapped in a bun. “We're going to name her Micaela,” she said in referenced to her soon-to-be-born baby, who will serve as a new playmate for her first daughter, Antonella.

Lili Estefan also garnered glances on the carpet for her colorful creation designed by Mathew Williamson. The Flaca showed up with a handsomely mysterious man who wasn't her husband. But don't get the wrong idea: it was her brother, Juan, who often attends these events with her.

Someone who showed up solo, but with a smile that stretched from ear to ear, was the recently married Jimena. “We're even more in love now. I'm so happy with my life,” she said about being with her husband, the Danish-Brit impresario Christian Carlsen. “I'm a terrible cook, that's the only problem.” After going to Martha's Vineyard and Boston on her honeymoon, the singer returned with newfound vigor to promote her latest album Colores. “Eventually, I'd like to go to Dubai or the Maldives islands,” she said.