Pokémon Go
Credit: NIANTIC/Pokémon Go

If you've seen Pokémon pop up on your social media timelines or seen people staring at their phones (yes, more than they already do), you're experiencing the hype of the new app Pokémon Go.

The app was released in the U.S. for iPhone and Android users and its causing excitement all over the country.

Pokémon Go is a reality game in which users can channel their inner Ash Ketchum in real life, hunting and catching Pokémon's in real time. The video game comes to life, literally. It connects to your phone's GPS and camera so Pokémons could appear in your office, or even in your own backyard.

Some of the areas around you can also be “PokéStops,” where you can pick up items such as Pokéballs and where you can start battles with other players.

Users are able to catch the Pokéball on their phone screen with one simple swipe.

Now commutes or honestly life in general has become more exciting for Pokémon Go players. You can download the game now on the iOS Applee Store and Android Play Store. Enjoy and catch 'em all!