The Escándalo TV host is tying the knot on Dec. 28 in Barcelona, and she told us all the details!


Lilia Luciano is living a fairy tale. The 23-year-old TV personality has become a staple on the popular show Escándalo TV (Telefutura), and on Dec. 28, she’s taking one of the most important steps of her life: marrying handsome Spanish banker Luis Alayo, 38.

Even though she never pictured herself tying the knot so young, the Puerto Rican TV star assures that “I’m getting married without the least bit of doubt. The happiness I feel is incredible and has been constant.”

Her dream wedding will take place at the famous Santa María del Mar cathedral, a historical landmark in Barcelona. She had to wait for a little over a year just to find an opening for the service, which will include a 16-person choir. Her gown “is a total princess [dress], it’s huge,” the excited bride told “I found the biggest possible gown. It’s gigantic. It’s very feminine. The texture is very delicate.”

The lovebirds chose the Barcelona’s Hotel Arts, a luxurious seaside lodging, for their reception. “The decorations will simple, but very elegant. It’s going to be a formal wedding, very much a gala,” said the future Mrs. Alayo, while dishing that the party will boast a salsa band, a must-have for a Puerto Rican bash.

It will be mostly family members who attend the event, since the majority of the celebrities invited can’t make because they’ll be with their own families celebrating the holiday. Music producer Emilio Estefan, whom Luliano considers “a mentor,” hopes to organize the TV star a second wedding when she gets back to Miami.

The two will spend a few days in Spain for their honeymoon, but Luciano suspects that her husband-to-be has something up his sleeve, another trip, perhaps.

The fiancés met in Puerto Rico, while Luciano was on vacation – she was a student in Boston at the time – and Alayo was living on the island. They met again four years later, which is when their love story began. The bride-to-be then moved to Miami to study journalism, and two years later, the banker followed her to the Florida city. They got engaged on June 10 of last year during a romantic evening yacht in Barcelona waters. “It’s been a very mature relationship, and we’ve grown a lot. I’m the rebel that he was missing, and he’s got the common sense that I was missing,” expressed the future Mrs. Alayo.