Mauricio Mejía will soon be making his way onto your small screen in telenovela Cuidado con el ángel, in which he stars with Maite Perroni and William Levy... and we promise that you will go crazy for him.

By People Staff
Updated September 03, 2008 10:00 AM
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Not all actors have the chance to make their debut in the telenovela world in a production as big and hyped up as as Cuidado con el ángel in Mexico. The soap, which will premiere in a few days on Univision, will feature Maite Perroni and William Levy, and will also cast renowned actors such as Laura Zapata, Helena Rojo, and Ricardo Blume.

And it looks like Angel‘s divine fortune has fallen upon Mauricio Mejía, 26, as well. The Mexican actor will make viewers sigh as he plays the role of Israel, a young dreamer who falls head over heels for the villain, Estefanía, played by Ana Patricia Rojo. Unfortunately, she only plays games with him, dismissing him as the family chauffer. Nonetheless, the love Israel feels for Estefanía will drive him to realize something else about her. (We can't give away everything!)

In an exclusive interview with the actor, we talked about his role in the telenovela. Find out what he told us about sharing the spotlight with all these veteran stars.

What has it been like to work with Maite Perroni? How do you get along?
To me Maite is an excellent girl, a wonderful human being, and a great friend. She supports you, makes you feel useful on the set. She's super beautiful. I get along great with her, she's a wonderful team player, and to me it's a great daily lesson to work with Maite and the rest of this cast that has such an incredible history. You see, I grew up watching many of these actors, and it gives me pride to now work with them, and it's a big challenge as well.

You share credits with actors of the caliber of Laura Zapata, Helena Rojo and Ricardo Blume. What is the most important thing you have learned from them?
Watching what they do, how they do it, how they react, how they handle their characters–it has been a great learning process, as a newcomer, to be working with them day after day. To see, for instance, when suddenly something gets stuck or a problem comes up, how they resolve it. And you also realize that in this profession what we mostly need to learn is that nothing is personal and not to wallow in problems. In terms of acting, I feel like I'm taking daily acting classes by just being in their presence. You can imagine working with Helena Rojo, Ricardo Blume and even Ana Patricia Rojo, people who have been acting all their lives.

Okay, strictly between us, did you not feel intimidated at the beginning to be working next to William Levy, who is considered one of the sexiest men in Latin America?
(Laughs) Actually, no. On the contrary, it was a great opportunity. William Levy is a super modest guy. To be next to William, considered one of the most sexy guys, or Maite, who is part of one of the most popular groups in Mexico and Latin America, is more like a big challenge for me as an actor. And instead of getting nervous, I feel charged whenever I'm on set.

Any funny anecdotes that you would want to share with us?
Yeah, there was a scene in which I was driving and had a thousand cameras on me, a lot of people around, because we tape in location most of the time and a lot of people gather in those locations. All of that makes you sort of tense. And, well, here we were rehearsing a scene, that was a little bit passionate, with Ana Patricia Rojo, kissing and all that in the car. And in the scene we were supposed to move forward, but instead of moving ahead I put the car in reverse. Then the car slipped backwards and there was all this screaming to warn me not to hit the cars behind us. It was all very funny.

Do you have a favorite actor?
The character that impacted me the most, which I used to imitate around my family, was the character played by Germán Gutiérrez in the telenovela Imperio de cristal, with Alejandro Camacho and Rebecca Jones. It was a crazy character who didn't like to be touched because he thought he was going to break like glass. Another role I loved to imitate was Johnny, played by [Erik Estrada], in Dos mujeres, un camino. I used to spend my time acting like him and in parties I danced like him. And I was always a fan of Chespirito, and I mean a fan, a real fan, fan.
What would you like to do most in your career?
My dream would be to play a villain. I'd like to be the SOB of the telenovelas. You know why? Because the bad guy romances all the women, they all melt for him, he does mean things to them. I would love to be that kind of protagonist. And I would love to act with Dulce María, of RBD.