Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Agosto 16, 2016
Yasmin Maya
Credit: Yasmin Maya

Yasmin Maya was stuck at home watching Netflix and beauty tutorials when her mom inspired her to start her own channel. The creator of Beautyybird was limited on things to do in Mexico before moving to the United States. With the push from her mother and hand-me-down makeup, Maya was on her way to becoming a YouTube star.

Now residing in Los Angeles with over half a million subscribers, the Latina vlogger is creating a name for herself in the beauty world while staying true to her roots. The makeup guru has a Spanish channel for Latinos who want to learn the tips and tricks in their native language. And this isn't the only way Maya is connecting with her culture.

Yasmin teamed up with Verizon this summer for “Bienvenido a lo Mejor,” a national campaign and contest to engage Hispanic millennials with experiences and connections “that can fuel their fast.” Verizon invited consumers to win one-on-one experiences with influencers in the food, entertainment, beauty and sports world.

“Hispanics keep their pulse on dozens of passion points: from friends and family to pop culture, sports and cuisine,” said Javier Andrade-Marin, Marketing Director at Verizon. “Staying connected to the people and passions that interest them the most is very important to their lifestyles, and requires the strongest network, as they navigate fluidly between all their worlds and all their interests.”

With the partnership, Maya hopes to encourage everyone to make the right connections and pursue their passions. One winner will create a video alongside the vlogger that will be shared socially.

Be sure to stay updated on who wins the experience with Yasmin and follow her posts and videos at beautyybird.com.