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Updated Mayo 12, 2014
Bethany Mota
Credit: Courtesy of Aéropostale

At the young age of 18, Bethany Mota is already a social media phenomenon. This vlogger of Mexican descent is captivating her more than 5 million YouTube channel subscribers by sharing fashion finds and beauty tips.

“I started filming videos at 13,” says Mota, who recently launched her own clothing line with Aéropostale. “I found this community where girls would show their outfits and do make up tutorials.”

Here, Bethany shares her top fashion tips and lets us in on her favorite trend for this summer.

When it comes to trends…
“I would say, just have fun with it. There are so many trends out there, so many rules with fashion that you might feel you have to follow, but as far as trends go, I like to think trends are more like suggestions instead of a guideline of what you should wear. So, I love to get inspirations from trends and look at what's on the runway and think of how to make that my own. I think it's really about expressing yourself through the clothes that you wear.”

Favorite summer trend
“I've been seen a lot of pastels. I think pastels are going to be really big. Most of the time in the summer you think of neon, but I really like to whole twist on it in pastels. So that is something that I'm actually eally excited because I love pastel colors.”

Fashion rule
“A [really important] fashion rule for me, one that I really go by is that I really try to balance it out, like when I wear a tighter shirt, I like to wear something lose in the bottom or vice versa. Like, when I'm wearing a tighter skirt or thighter pair of shorts, then I like to wear a flowy shirt. So, that is one thing that I always go by, kind of balancing out my clothing items.”

Budget savvy shopper
“Get staple items. I think that is what it's all about, having a really nice pair of jeans or the skirt that can go with everything. That is something that I struggle with sometimes when I go shopping and I get so caught up in it and you are like, ‘oh this is really cute', but you don't really think ‘do I actually have anything that I can pair with it in my closet? Or, am I actually going to wear this?' So, I think it's really all about thinking it through when you're shopping instead of buying for the spur of the moment. Also, trying things on really helps a lot to make sure it fits perfectly.”

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