The Chilean actor got a sharp muscular cramp while he was performing on the dance contest Dancing With the Stars and he had to be rushed to the emergency room

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 29, 2008

Cristián de la Fuente got a sharp pain in his left arm, which made it impossible for him to finish the samba number that he performed on Monday in the popular contest Dancing with the Stars (ABC). Although he tried to ignore the pain and continue dancing, the Chilean actor had to give up, when near the end of the dance, he was unable to hold up his dance partner Cherryl Burke, and they both fell to the ground.

Clutching his arm in pain, the 34-year-old actor told host Tom Bergeron: “I pulled a muscle. I'm fine”, when he got close to him. Once backstage, De la Fuente told co-host Samantha Harris how sorry he was to end the dance on such a sour note. “It hurts the arm and it hurts that I couldn't do it, you know, it's tough,” he said.

A teary-eyed Burke told “When we were dancing, I fell back into his arms and I heard something crack… He tried to finish the dance”. De la Fuente was rushed to the emergency room at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, CA, where he was evaluated. The actor's rep told that he was released from the hospital at around 7:30 p.m.