The Victoria star may return to the U.S. TV station to work on future projects.

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 13, 2008

Victoria Ruffo's return to Televisa, after having spent a year with Telemundo, has not affected her good relationship with the U.S. television station, which assures Ruffo that she's welcome to return whenever she'd like. According to reports, the actress did abandon the station, but rather left on good terms because her contract had expired.

“Victoria Ruffo has no contractual obligation to Telemundo other than Victoria. At the present time, she is not working on a project with us, but we hope to work together again in the near future.

Thus, the wife of the municipal president of Pachuca will calmly return to Televisa to play a terrible villainess in En Nombre del amor, in which she co-stars with Leticia Calderón and Laura Flores.

“I consider it a risk, but I expect to relish in the challenge because I'm an actress who likes to play different roles, and in this case I want to really to enjoy it, because villains always have more fun than the leading ladies,” said the actress in regards to the shift in her career.