The Mexican singer claims the two had their first conversation after not talking for a year

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 24, 2008
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It appears that the message Verónica Castro sent to Cristian with the help of the media is having the effect she intended. After the actress expressed her desire to reunite with her son after not speaking for about a year, the two have apparently put their egos aside and are reconciling their differences.

“I think they've already spoken to each other. I mean, they have to, as mother and son. Like I told Cristian, you only have one mother, so you have to just let it go,” Mexican singer Vicente Fernández said in statements to La oreja (Televisa).

Fernández is friends with both the 54-year-old actress and Cristian, 33. When asked what he thought of Valeria Liberman's divorce from Cristian, the musician answered discreetly. “Everyone can say what they want, but in marriage it's better not to get involved because there are always two sides,” he said.