The actress said she's worried about her son's health and revealed that they "have a lot to cry about together"

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 20, 2008

Now that Cristian Castro is facing a divorce suit from Valeria Liberman, it's very possible that there will be another woman in his life – his mother, Verónica Castro. The actress, who has been distant from her son for years, told a Mexican magazine that she would like to reconcile with her son and support him during this difficult time.

“That hurt ego thing doesn't matter to me. I think it's stupid. The ego is gone. I'm not interested in it anymore. I'm his mother, first and foremost, the person who brought him into this world, and I'm the one who has to open the door,” the actress said.

One of the reasons that the 54-year-old wants to get closer to her son, 33, is that she fears he'll start making erratic decisions. “I'm worried about Cristian at this time because when you're alone, sad or depressed, you have no idea where to go,” she explained . “Cristian and I have a lot to cry about together.”