The actress said that the day she can hug her grandchildren will be the happiest day of all

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 16, 2008

Now that Verónica Castro and her son Cristian have made amends, she isn't thinking twice about coming to his defense. In statements to the Mexican press, the 54-year-old actress talked about the difficult divorce her son is dealing with, and revealed that if her son had to give all of his assets to his soon-to-be-ex-wife Valeria Liberman, he wouldn't have any problem starting over with no money.

“Money comes and goes, and sometimes it causes so many problems, it makes people sick. Unfortunately, it's a necessity, but sometimes in large quantities or with high stakes, it can hurt people. It doesn't matter if [Cristian] has nothing, or is left with nothing. He'll start over from scratch,” the singer's mother told Mexican newspaper Reforma, after mentioning that she and her 33-year-old son will leave things open to Liberman, also 33. “We don't want lawyers or lawsuits. We don't want anything. We're going to leave all of that up to the laws of men. We're going to see how the laws of God work,” she said.

What the actress is worried about, though, are her grandchildren, 2-year-old Simone and 3-month-old Mikhail Zaratustra. “The [issue of the] grandchildren is the only thing that's still unresolved. We're happy, but we'll be totally happy as soon as we have the children in our hands, and we can hug them and have them for a while, a few hours. As [Cristian] says, that will be total happiness,” she concluded.