The Mexican actress speaks of her parting with son Cristian Castro and says Valeria Liberman left him without a cent

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 30, 2007
Verónica Castro
Credit: ntx fotos

In statements made to the Mexican magazine Gente, Verónica Castro calls the split with her son, singer Cristian Castro, “grotesque” and says she's tired of his lies.

“What happened was so grotesque!…I'd like to hear their version and for them to stop telling lies…but that day was so awful. There were witnesses; the chauffer and an assistant were there. That was the crucial day of our separation, and we never saw each other from then on…I was fed up with the lies,” the Mexican actress, 54, says.

“No, definitely not anymore [do I feel the same love for him]…No, [motherly love is not unconditional],” she declares.

Although she doesn't provide details about the last-straw fight with her son, 32, the actress says it happened during a trip to Mexico . That was when Liberman, also 32, was pregnant with their first child, Simone, 2. “They were happy. They came to Mexico, until one day they showed up at my mother's house. I was leaving work at Big Brother, and now I can't tell you anymore…They'll have to tell you about that last day themselves and if not, there are witnesses; it was something really awful. That was the real problem, one that I'm not going to talk about. It'll have to be them because they consented to it,” she states.

The actress also admits that she never accepted her daughter-in-law because she was rude to her own parents. She says that after an argument with Liberman, she told the lawyer: “I know you don't like me, and I don't like you either! But we're connected by someone, and that's my son, whom I love and who is my life…but I definitely don't like the way you are.”

The singer's mother also reveals that the reason behind Liberman and her son's pre-marriage breakup and his decision to marry Gabriela Bo was because the lawyer had left him penniless. “[Cristian] asked me to check on his bank accounts… And there was nothing left! The accounts didn't even exist anymore. [Valeria] also got her hands on his salary advances. Cristian had to sing for the rest of the year with no payment because she collected it all,” she explains.