Cristian's mother will be immortalized in Sin City; denied rumors that a movie about her family's drama is in the works

By People Staff
Updated April 22, 2008

Verónica Castro has been a magnet for good news lately. Following the happy reconciliation with her son Cristian, the Mexican actress has earned a spot on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame, entertainment-news program La oreja (Televisa) reports.

During a press conference in Mexico City, the 54-year-old explained that her star will be unveiled on May 1, which will make her the first Hispanic female to be immortalized on the famous walkway. Until now, Vicente Fernández, Los Tigres del Norte and K-Paz de la Sierra were the only Latinos to have received the honor.

The actress-singer also denied rumors that a movie about her family's drama – most notably her differences with Cristian and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Valeria Liberman – was in the works. She then added that she hopes her grandchildren, 2-year-old Simone and 3-month-old Mikhail Zaratustra, can enjoy the festivities in peace.

Castro also mentioned that she's excited about her return to theater in the play Chiquilla…pero picosa, which will premiere May 9 at the Manolo Fábregas Theater Center in Mexico City. “I feel like I'm in school, going back to the theater in a comedy that marked by debut 35 years ago, and with amazing colleagues like Fernando Ciangherotti, Macaria, Ricardo Margaleff and Liza Willer,” she expressed.