José Trinidad Marín was found guilty of 6 of the 9 sexual abuse charges he faced in court

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 10, 2007
Jenni Rivera
Credit: Getty images

Jenni Rivera's former husband, José Trinidad Marín, was convicted of 6 of the 9 charges against him for allegedly sexually abusing the two daughters he had with the singer, in addition to her younger sister.

Trinidad Marín, 42, managed to stay on the run for 9 years and was captured in April of 2006, but was released on bond in October. The 37-year-old artist was indignant and said she was afraid the man with whom she had an 8-year relationship would leave Mexico to elude authorities.

According to performer, Trinidad Marín sexually abused of her two daughters, Janney, now 21, and Jacquelin, 16, plus Rivera's sister Rosie, 25. Despite the trauma of the trial they've had to endure and the severity of the charges, Rivera said during an interview with PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL last October that the experience had not been all negative. “Yes, we had to relive things that we had perhaps already put behind us… but I think that's necessary for a complete recovery, for what I feel is my mission, which is to help other people who may have gone through the same things or worse things. I feel compassion for him, I feel sorry for him, because I'm okay,” she said.