Three days before distancing themselves, the now ex of the Mexican singer described him as an "attentive, giving and passionate" husband
Valeria Liberman

Two weeks prior to Cristian Castro's exclusive confession to PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL that he had distanced himself from his wife and was moving to Mexico, Valeria Liberman spoke exclusively with and led us to believe that everything was going great between the two. Three days after this interview, Cristian and Valeria became distant.

How is the pregnancy going?
Fantastic… We're very happy and excited to have another baby in the house.

How did you break the news to Cristian that you were pregnant again?
We were on a boat, at night. We were just riding along, watching the fireworks from Disney World, and that's when I told him.

He wants a boy. What do you want?
That would be nice…we'd like to have one of each.

How many more kids do you want?
For now, we're just focusing on the arrival of this one. We hope the baby is born healthy and without any obstacles.

How would you describe Cristian?
As a father, he's loving, affectionate and playful. As a husband, he's attentive, giving and passionate.

With such hectic and demanding careers, how do you keep the spark in your relationship and stay so close?
That's a secret between the two of us that we can't share.

How do you feel when you see Cristian on stage?
It makes me really proud. It's so exciting for me to hear him sing his songs.

Does your fame bother you?
I don't consider myself the famous one in the relationship, so I don't have that feeling.

What's your favorite story?
The moments before Simone was born…they were unforgettable. After 12 hours of inducing labor…when we had given into the possibility that Simone just didn't want to be born yet, I asked Cristian to take me home so we could wait for my water to break there.
I just wanted to eat and be in the sun. I didn't want to be in the hospital any longer. Then as soon as Cristian helped me up and started to dress me, my water broke.
That was the most unforgettable moment of our lives. We started to cry…we couldn't believe the moment had finally arrived. Soon we would have Simone with us.