The singer wasn't lying, and this time it was Liberman who filed for divorce

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 13, 2008
Cristian Castro y Valeria Liberman

The last time Cristian Castro talked about divorcing Valeria Liberman, he said, “I will always lie to the press…about my personal life.”

Which is why many people didn't know what to believe when he told a Mexican magazine last Tuesday that he and the Argentinean lawyer were definitely getting divorced.

But the 32-year-old singer was telling the truth this time. Our website acquired a copy of the divorce suit that Liberman filed against Castro on Feb. 19. Case number 08-003827-FC-04 SEC 7 proves that Liberman, also 32, was the one who petitioned for dissolution of marriage.

The document filed in the Family Division of Miami-Dade County Court, in Florida, states that Castro filed for divorce from Liberman last year, and that the case was voluntarily dismissed.

The terms of the current suit require that Castro provide a series of documents within 45 days. These documents include: financial accounts, life insurance policies, retirement accounts, real estate assets and credit card accounts, along with documents detailing all of their possessions, such as automobiles, jewelry, artwork, and any other item valued at more than $2,000.

Cristian Castro and Valeria Liberman married on July 31, 2004, in Miami. They have two children, Simone, 2, and Mikhail Zaratustra, 3 months.