The Venezuelan actress answers all of our questions in a fun-filled Q &A. Decide for yourself if she and her Amas de casa desesperadas (Univisión) character are alike

By Yoselín Acevedo / NYC
Updated March 17, 2008

Week after week we see Gabriela Vergara on Amas de casa desesperadas (Univisión), the Hispanic version of the ABC hit Desperate Housewives. Vergara plays Roxanna Guzmán, a well-to-do seductress who is a fantasy for men and a headache for women.

But as the program continues to grow in success in Latin America and the United States, the 33-year-old actress is anxiously awaiting the May premiere of her new film A propósito de Alexa, in which she plays a good girl alongside Mexican actor Jaime Camil.

From a TV bad girl to a big screen nice girl, who is Gabriela Vergara, really? The actress took some time to answer all of's juicy questions.

What's your favorite snack?
Sweets. Between 3 and 4 p.m. I crave sweets and absolutely have to eat some.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl?
I wanted to be a doctor. I ruined all my stuffed animals by giving injecting them with water.

Whom do you consider a fashion icon?
I like how the girl from Sex & the City dresses, [Sarah Jessica Parker], because she's such a fashionistas. I also really like Carolina Herrera. I like what she represents. She maintains a classic, impeccable style.

What animal do you most identify with?
I like felines, but not kittens. I love the white Bengal tiger. I think it's exotic, divine, sweet and powerful.

Do you sleep in sexy clothes or grandma pajamas?
Grandma pajamas, never! I'm not a pajama girl, but I do have some pretty pajamas, like those that you wear to look nice for your significant other. For me, wherever the night takes me, that's how I sleep. I'm not complicated at all.

How much are you like Roxanna Gómez?
We're a little bit alike. I have Roxanna's same way of taking on life, [but] I have more tact that she does. People often judge me for being the bad girl on the show and for how I look, I don't know…But in reality the people don't see the big picture. They judge Roxanna for how she looks and how people see her, but in reality it's not true.

What do you miss most about Venezuela?
El Ávila National Park. It's what separates Caracas from the beach. I've been going to that mountain since I was little, and I loved to go all the way to the border and see the city on one side, and the beach on the other. When I go to Caracas, I sleep with the window open to see the mountain.

Your biggest vice?
I pull out the little hairs on my hands because my hands get really dry.

What do you hate?

What do you like most about your career?
The way it changes. Today I'll be bad, throwing myself from a helicopter, and tomorrow I'll be riding a horse. Today I'm hosting a show, tomorrow I'm spending time with kids at an orphanage. I love playing someone I'm not every day.