The singer's stepfather tells us there is no official record of sexual abuse allegation

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 14, 2007
Noelia y Topy Mamery

Topy Mamery, stepfather and former manager of Puerto Rican singer Noelia, has added another twist to the complicated saga of his family's problems and legal battles. The Puerto Rican businessman told our website that he and his team of lawyers haven't been notified of the lawsuit that the singer supposedly filed against him on Dec. 7 in Mexico, alleging that her stepfather sexually abused her in 2003. Mamery, in fact, doubts that such a document even exists. “The immediate response of [the Office of the Attorney General] is that it doesn't appear on record,” he says. “[There isn't] a lawsuit, not even anything that looks like one.”

According to Mamery, he's not the first person Noelia has accused of sexual abuse. He claims that in the last five years the singer has pointed the finger at Guillermo Santiso, former president of Fonovisa (her old record label), and singer Alejandro Montaner, son of singer Ricardo Montaner. Mamery also says that the new lawsuit is an attempt by Noelia and Jorge Reynoso, her boyfriend and current manager, to invalidate the $15 million lawsuit that he filed against the couple for slander last October in Puerto Rico.

According to information gathered by, Noelia claims that Mamery – the husband of Noelia's mother, Yolandita Monge – invited his stepdaughter to a Mexico City concert for Ricardo Montaner, also represented by her stepfather at that time. While at the Hotel Presidente Intercontinental, Noelia, Mamery and Montaner's family were all on an elevator together at one point. Allegedly, when the Montaners got off the elevator, Noelia followed Mamery to his room to collect some money that he owed her, and the abuse took place there. also got in touch with Reynoso, who says the lawsuit has officially been filed and is currently being evaluated by the Office of the Attorney General in Mexico City. “Right now in Mexico, he [Mamery] is an alleged rapist, whether or not he likes it,” Noelia's boyfriend tells us. “He can tell the world it doesn't exist, but yes, it exists. And he better prepare himself because he's going to have to fess up. The moment of truth has arrived.”