As summer gets into full swing, Tito El Bambino talked to about his new album, El Patrón

Por Andrés Martínez
Updated Junio 27, 2008
Credit: Cortesía L.O.T.O.

The Puerto Rican talks about his new single, “Vamos pa'l agua,” from his album El patrón that's slated for an October release. He also confessed that he'd like to star in a Hollywood movie, and that fame hasn't gone to his head yet.

At age 26, el Bambino hopes he'll never have to face failure, and prefers to listen to boleros or relaxing music at home. But summer time is party time, and that's why he's all about “Vamos pa'l agua”. (Let's get in the Water)

Vamos pa'l agua

So, what's new?
Well, we're working on promoting the video for the song “La busco,” that we did with Tobby Love in Bogotá, and it tells the story of a couple, in which the girl is being led down a wrong path. We're also taking advantage of the fact that it's summer time, and we wanted people to get excited about “Vamos pa'l agua”, which is the new single on my next album, El patrón, that comes out in October. It's already out, and you can hear it, and it has a fresh sound. We wanted it to be a great beach song.

And what else can we expect to hear on “El patrón”?
That's simple. El patrón comes loaded with a lot of electronic music elements, but we still keep the strong reggaetón beat and, of course, we have some romantic songs too, and some songs with socially-tinged themes that come from the heart.

Why did you choose that title for the album?
Well, I liked the title because of everything that I've been through since the beginning. I like it's significance. It's about the boss man, the defender, what you represent.

Does it have something to do with rivaling names like El Don or The Big Boss?
Look, everyone labels themselves as they see fit, and it's a way to show a sense of authority in what we create. Just like there's the Don, the Big Boss and others, what I'm saying with this album is that El Bambino has arrived, and I'm “El patron.”

How does El Bambino manage to stay grounded and not forget where he's come from?
The trick is to keep things simple and to always remember to remain humble and decent. I think God works on people in different ways, and I think I shed that kind of cockiness when I was a kid. When I was 15, I was already selling 100,000 copies of my disc, so what I'm living now is nothing new for me, and despite all the praise, I know that I'm in the hands of God and my fans, and to have that privilege, I know I need to keep things simple.

Music aside, do you have any plans of becoming an actor?
Well, I made a movie called La última noche, and now I'm in talks about doing a telenovela in Venezuela. I'd like to see what happens, and see if maybe I can get involved in making a Hollywood film. That wouldn't be bad.

What would you like to say to your fans?
That I'll keep on being the same guy. I always want to be the face of success. I don't every want to fail, and wherever I am, I want to make it clear that I'm just Efraín, a human being, and that's the most important thing, and that's why I think I've been able to dominate with respect and courage.

Would you like to do a duet with anyone in particular?
Yeah, I'd love to be able to work with Ana Gabriel, because my mom used to play her at home when I was a kid, and I love her. I also like Camilo Sexto, because, to be honest, I like relaxing music, like boleros, and when I'm at home, you won't see me listening to reggaetón, but rather the music that I grew up with.