Producer Pedro Damián will use the band's hits to tell a story through music, like in Mamma Mía

By People Staff
Updated October 26, 2007

Producer and RBD creator Pedro Damián is working on a new cinematic adventure: to create a movie based on Timbiriche songs. The script, written by Martha Carrillo and Cristina García (Tres mujeres), tells a story of adolescent love through the music of Sasha, Benny, Diego, Mariana, Álix, Érick and Paulina Rubio.

“It's like the play Hoy no me puedo levantar, [with music from Mecano], or like the Abba thing with Mamma Mía, they made plays that used all the music [from the groups], but with a different story,” Damián, 55, told Reforma.

Carrillo told the Mexican newspaper that the plot deals with “the life of some kids who are trying to move forward with music, but not as a band; the main character is a composer, but she's not the one who sings.”

The film is expected to be made this coming year, but Televisa executives still have a lot of decisions to make, including who will star in the movie.