Yolanda Miranda said on El Gordo y la Flaca that her granddaughter looks just like Thalía
Yolanda Miranda

Yolanda Miranda, mom of Thalía, said that her granddaughter, Sabrina Sakaë, and the Mexican singer are total look-alikes. “There's going to be another Thalía. There's already another Thalía,” she gushed on the show El Gordo y la Flaca (Univisión).

Even though Tommy Mottola, 58, and his wife's newborn is only 10 days old, the proud grandmother claims that the mother and daughter are identical. When Miranda compared a picture of Thalía at 15 days old with a picture of the new baby, she noticed the resemblance. “The baby is a beauty,” the singer's mom added.

The grandma also mentioned that she and Mottola were present when Thalía, 35, gave birth to little Sabrina. According to Miranda, the baby recognizes the voice of her dad, who sang and spoke to his new daughter before she was born.

The mother of the also actress added that the newborn was with Thalía last Saturday during her radio show Conexión Thalía, which she braodcasts from her home, and that listeners could hear Sabrina. “The baby was there and she made a little noise,” Miranda said.