The Mexican singer is having a baby girl in the Fall
Credit: getty images

As PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL reported last april, Thalía will become a mommy this year. The 35-year-old singer is expecting the arrival this Fall of her first child with husband Tommy Mottola, 57, her website announced today.

The singer's website,, started the day out with this message: Yes, it's confirmed! Thalía is expecting her first baby, who will be born in a few months. Her pregnancy is going well and she is healthy, very happy and full of energy, as usual (…) No question that it's a happy occasion for all those who love and admire Thalía. Congratulations to the whole family!

The Mexican star had spoken previously with PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL regarding her feelings about motherhood, in an interview published in the May edition: “This year, I'm going to be a mom… I swear it's happening this year. I'm ready; as a woman I feel it's the ideal time, the ideal time in my career. I want it and I am going to be [a mother]. There is no better time,” she said.

On husband Tommy Mottola's opinion about the arrival of a new family member, Thalía told us: “If it had been up to Tommy, I would have had children from the first day we married. I would already have three or four. He's a very good father [he has two children from a previous relationship]. He can't wait to have another child. He'll love it. It's exciting; I can't wait to see, to feel it.” The baby will make three. The couple was married on Dec. 2, 2000 in New York.

The singer of “Seducción” did a photo shoot for our publication in February, and she was already wearing loose clothing and was obviously plumper. In addition, her statements confirmed that motherhood was imminent in her life. “I'm ready to take a very serious step in my life, which is to care for another human being,” she said, very much aware of the changes that would take place in her life. “It's a little baby, but it's a human being for whom you have to be accountable up there [in heaven ] when you die.”