In an interview with, the singer spoke about her projects as an entrepreneur as she launches a line of bed linens
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Pregnancy hasn't stopped Thalía from continuing to work as hard as ever. Yesterday (Tuesday), she introduced her new line of bed sheets inspired by Latina women's taste. “Not everything Hispanic is red, everything isn't passionate. On the contrary, it's very romantic, very subtle and elegant, the Latina beauty is what stands out,” said Thalía about her line.

The very pregnant 35-year old Mexican superstar is taking full advantage of this stage in her life. “I'm at a point where I feel balanced, focused on what I am doing. My creativity is a reflexion of what I am experiencing now: a lot of love,” she said speaking about all the projects she's currently undertaking.

Right now, Tommy Mottola's wife is working on a book about beauty where she'll share the secrets of her good looks and happiness. She's also getting ready to launch a line of fragrance and cosmetics – all due to come out this year. “I'm very hyperactive. Always eager to do something,” said the actress who continues to design her own clothing line, Thalía Sodi, for K-Mart.

Currently, Thalía is also working on several other projects for the coming year. She'll launch a new album in early 2008, a cookbook which “will be a Latino culture feast,” a lifestyle book and a how-to-look beautiful-while-pregnant book. “I like growing in the entrepreneurial arena”, said the mommie-to-be. “To continue creating beautiful items of better quality and at the best price.”