At the autograph signing for her book Thalía: ¡Belleza!, the singer reveals that she's due in only four weeks

Her first daughter will be born in four weeks, and this is perhaps her last public appearance before the big day.

Radiant, Thalía, 35, signed autographs for fans at a New York Borders bookstore, where we spoke with the mommy-to-be.

How you do feel about the fact that you and fellow Mexican Salma Hayek are both pregnant and will have girls?
Both Mexicans, both businesswomen, both pregnant, both married to men, well, both with marvelous men, (I'm married), but that we're both pregnant with girls seems incredible to me, and I wish the best to her.

How are you getting ready for the birth? Are you getting used to the idea of it? It's been said you might do a Cesarean…
There's only four weeks left or something. God has his plans, and I sincerely want to do things naturally, but you never know, you might get there and have to do a Cesarean. I'm ready for all surprises, and if it can be done naturally, then I'll do it naturally. There's no established date; my mom's birthday is Oct. 2, so I hope I can give her a great surprise…but she's going to be a Libra, like my mom.

You're working on your radio show and now the book, so it seems like you never rest…Are you thinking about taking a year off once your daughter is born?
When she's born, I'm not going to have time for anything. For now, I'm so hyperactive that I can't take a break. I have the radio thing and I keep touch with my people, but in a much more relaxed manner, with a microphone. Thanks to God, the radio show has been a success, and we have the worldwide connection with, which has listeners and fans all over the world: Greece, Hungary, they listen to it everywhere. I have a studio in my house, so fortunately I can bring my co-host and producer to work.

What do you think you'll teach your daughter about inner and exterior beauty?
Overall, that she should be happy in life, that she does what makes her heart happy, that she follows her intuition, that she be daring, fantastic, glorious, loving and thankful to God, and I'll teach her the rest; simple things like putting on eyelashes and lipstick, I'll teach her that stuff.

Naturally, Thalía also talked about her new beauty book at the press conference, which started taking shape a year and half ago.

“We were interviewing the best doctors, surgeons and makeup artists that have worked with me. I tried to share this book with all readers because I want to tell them to have a positive and upbeat attitude, move forward and from there comes beauty,” she added.