Pepper spray was detected on Ingrid Marie Rivera's belongings; she's regained credibility

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 20, 2007
Ingrid Marie Rivera

Reports inform that Miss Puerto Rico Universe Ingrid Marie Rivera was telling the truth about the dangerous pranks played against her while she was competing for her crown the night of Nov. 23 at the Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2008 pageant. Following tests that were performed on her belongings, it was revealed on Wednesday that her clothing and makeup had in fact been laced with pepper spray.

Days after winning the title, Rivera told the press about the horrible ordeal, but she lost all credibility when the first tests turned out to be negative. But the tables were turned on Wednesday after her things were examined and tested positive for the gas, a chemical capable of causing a strong reaction.

“This is not good news, in that what happened isn't anything to celebrate, but it does make us more at peace, because now we can fell like the people will realize that the organization was always telling the truth,” Harold Rosario, a rep from the Miss Puerto Rico Universe organization, stated, according to Rosario added that he won't rest until he finds out who is responsible for the incident, and they deal with the consequences of their actions.

Eddie Hernández, chief of the homicide division of the police's Criminal Investigation Office, explained that “the tests reveal that Miss Puerto Rico Universe was telling the truth. She was being sincere about her accusations.” Although it's still a mystery who's behind the incident, it could have been a volunteer working at the pageant who didn't want Rivera to win.”

It's also known that five people on Rivera's team showed symptoms of having been exposed to the clothing laced with pepper spray that night.