Producer Salvado Mejía wants the Chilean actor to star in his new project based on the U.S. miniseries Kane & Abel, opposite Eduardo Yáñez

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 21, 2008
Cristián de la Fuente on Fuego en la sangre
Credit: Mezcalent

After various weeks of speculating that Cristián de la Fuente might be working with for the Televisa family, Mexican producer Salvador Mejía publicly announced that he offered the actor a starring role in his next production based on the miniseries Kane & Abel.

The Fuego en la sangre (Univisión) producer stated on the Chilean internet site that “I'd like to produce future projects with him, so we're discussing the possibility of doing a TV series on Cain and Abel, and he and Eduardo Yáñez came to mind.”

Recently, in an exclusive interview with, the 34-year-old actor said he'd be delighted to work for Televisa. “Imagine working for Televisa, the giants of telenovelas? For me, it would be amazing, and so ideal to work in both Spanish and English markets,” said the Dancing with the Stars participant.

Mejía assures that De la Fuente “really wants to conquer Mexico”. The La madrastra producer said he was surprised at how much Mexican audiences love the actor. “We took a lot of polls with focus groups and the results say that they find him handsome, sexy, and like the character he portrays in Fuego en la sangre, very gentlemanly, he explained.

Moreover, Mejía confirmed that De la Fuente could come back to the soap because he was well-liked and audiences felt like he brought something fresh to the soap.