The network admitted in a press release that they are not involved in any negotiations with him
Fernando del Rincón, Fernando del rincon
Credit: Orlando Garcia/

Telemundo admitted in a press release today that they are not involved in any negotiations with the Primer Impacto (Univisión) anchorman, despite commercials which aired June 21st that suggested he was the network's newest hire. Del Rincon, 37, immediately and vehemently denied any such move and is indeed staying put at Univision.

“Due to certain promo spots that aired on Telemundo, followed by numerous reports in the news media, we wish to clarify that TV personality, Fernando del Rincón, is not currently working at Telemundo, is not awaiting a position with Telemundo, nor is he undergoing negotiations to be hired by Telemundo,” declared the network's statement.

It added: “The promos that aired on Telemundo, where Mr. Del Rincón was shown, were intended for the sole purpose of promoting a program that had been produced six years prior when he was in fact employed by Telemundo.”

In a recent interview with, Del Rincón said that he regrets the mix-up and stated that his contract with Univisión is up in 2009. “I don't know what the devil the people over at Telemundo have done; all I know is that this promo has caused quite a stir and I haven't even seen it… It's completely false… I'm just a TV host who is caught in the middle of a big controversy,” he said. At last, this mix-up seems to be clearing up.