José Refugio González died yesterday in a car accident in Mexico City

Mexican actress, Susana González is grieving the sudden death of her father José Refugio González who was tragically killed yesterday in a car crash in Mexico City.

Actor Eduardo Santamarina, Susana's boyfriend, reportedly cancelled his Sunday theatre appearance of Aventurera to be by her side.

Lourdes Vallejo, one of the play's producers told the Mexican press that “Eduardo telephoned Susana's house this morning [Sunday] for non-related reasons when he was given the terrible news by a Gonzalez family member”. El Universal.

Carmen Salinas, the play's producer, extended her condolences to 33-year-old Susana, expressing her deepest sorrow. “My most sincere condolences go out to Susanita and her family, I am certain that Susy will be distraught over this tragedy; she absolutely adores her parents who have always been her number one priority”.

This tragedy hits Susana just as she is about to embark on her starring role in Carla Estrada's new telenovela Pasión.