The father of the actress's unborn child is an ex boyfriend who came back into her life after her break up from actor Eduardo Santamarina, who congratulated her on her pregnancy

By People Staff
May 08, 2008 04:00 PM
Barbara Covarrubias/

It’s confirmed: Susana Gonzalez is pregnant and the father of her unborn child is not Eduardo Santamarina. In a phone conversation with the hosts of Televisa’s TV show La oreja, Gonzalez confirmed that she’s pregnant and the father’s name is Renato. The mystery man is an ex boyfriend who came back into Gonzalez’s life after her break up from Santamarina, the leading man of Univision’s soap opera Yo amo a Juan Querendón.

“That’s right,” the 34-year-old actress replied when asked if Renato was the baby’s father. “Right now I am [in Zacatecas] with my family. I have to return to [México City] on the 17th and after that, if you invite me [on the show] I’ll give you all the details live,” the actress said.

The protagonist of Univision’s soap opera Pasión also talked about the changes she is encountering. “Physically it’s a very big change. I’m going through really strong changes. I’ve been asking a lot of women, like my mother, my grandmother [what it’s like]. All I know is that this is wonderful.”

When Santamarina, Gonzalez’s ex boyfriend was asked what he thought of her pregnancy on Televisa’s show Hoy, at first he avoided the subject. “I already talked to her. I told her what I had to say. We broke up seven months ago and I have nothing to do with this. I don’t like to get involved in things I shouldn’t,” the 38-year-old actor replied. However, he later added: “I respect her and her beau.”

Santamarina also sent a Mother’s Day greeting to Gonzalez and his ex wife, Itatí Cantoral, who is also pregnant: “In less than a month I got the news,” the actor said, referring to the irony that both his ex girlfriend and his ex wife are pregnant at the same time (by other men). Apparently he took it well though! “It’s a great blessing, a great gift, I’m very moved,” he said. “Susy will be a mom for the first time and Itatí for the third time. Congratulations to both!”