The Argentinean TV hostess is following Cristina Saralegui and Oprah's footsteps by launching her own magazine Susana

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 21, 2008
Getty Images

The Argentinean diva who conquered viewers with her witty interviews, jokes and charisma, now hopes to also charm readers. Susana Giménez's new magazine Susana hits stores this Wednesday and promises to revolutionize the market.

Its first cover, edited by Grupo Q, has already taken many by surprise. Here, Giménez doesn't show off any skin. The exuberant blonde appears sporting a military-style jacket, with her hair elegantly pulled back in a ponytail.

The magazine's content will be an ode to women. Readers will enjoy the latest news and feature stories on sex, home décor and cooking, as well as informative and humorous columns by journalist Jorge Lanata and model Iván de Pineda.

Giménez is one of Argentina's most beloved TV journalists. Hola, Susana te estamos llamando was the show that propelled her to stardom. The variety show later changed its name to Susana Giménez, but continues to be a hit.