Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris
Credit: Kevin Mazur/BMA2015/WireImage

With celebrity couples like Taylor/Calvin, Gigi/Zayn, and more bringing the term Instaofficial to life, many couples are aiming to be #goals on social media. These whirlwind of posts from power couples leaves us with the underlying question of “how does one become Instagram official?” Well we are here to help you and after careful analysis of relationship and social media relationships of famous power couples, we have rounded up the steps to joining the ranks and achieving #Instaofficial status.

1. Make sure that you have a boyfriend: You can't be official anything without one. If you're reading this for future use, well then… good for you?

2. Be low in the beginning: Relax yourself. Don't rush into the social media game the same way you wouldn't rush into letting him meet your family. Take this as a serious stage in the relationship. To warm people up and start curiosity, post a mysterious picture with either no faces or of a restaurant with two plates. No tags!

3. Take a picture of him alone: Yes, alone with no tags. That means = no you, for the girls who are itching for that couple picture. Your time is almost coming. Leave people wondering who he is. Most likely followers will leave the eyes emojis or questions marks as a comment at this point.

4. Start off on Snapchat: Confirm the relationship with no commitment. Snapchat is perfect because the story only stays alive for 24 hours.

5. Group picture: Now you're really warming people up to the idea that this is indeed your bae but it's still not 100%. This stage also shows he's cool with whom ever he's in the picture with whether it be friends, family or coworkers.

6. It's time: Take the cutest damn picture ever. For this first picture, you better have fire for the imagery and caption on #goals level — try to stay away from selfies and have a friend take it. You're setting the bar with this one. And yes, it's time to tag him.

7. Get him in this too: See if he'll post one as well but be cute about it. Avoid being obnoxious with the “Why can't you post a picture of us? Are you hiding me?” Send him the image via text and let him know you love it. We don't want this to be a one-sided thing.

8. Congrats: You've made it… now don't overdo it. Keep the lovey-dovey pictures to a minimal before you start losing your single followers. Que viva el amor!