The singer apologized for her behavior with the press and asked her family to leave the dad-daughter pair alone

Por People Staff
Updated Enero 18, 2008

Stephanie Salas told the Mexican press that she's glad Luis Miguel has accepted Michelle Salas as their daughter. And even though talking about the issue with the media used to irritate the actress, now she can speak peacefully about the matter.

Salas, 36, apologized for being aggressive with the press, telling Mexican show La oreja (Televisa) “that's how I defended myself.”

The actress, who's also a singer, added that she doesn't get in the way of Luismi and her daughter's relationship. “I just don't have any reason to mention intimate details, and to be honest, the truth is I'm not in involved, not at all,” she pointed out.

Her mother Silvia Pasquel, though, did comment on the situation, saying that her granddaughter [Michelle] had distanced herself from the Pinal family, most likely because she was in awe of Miguel's celebrity lifestyle.

Pasquel's daughter prefers that her family not get themselves into any messes. “I don't want my family to get involved. I love and adore my family…I think you've got to leave things alone,” she added.

It looks like Stephanie Salas doesn't want her family to ruin the great relationship her daughter finally has with the man who was rumored to be her father for so long.