The mother of the singer's alleged daughter congratulated him for being so fertile

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 15, 2008
Stephanie Salas

It looks like actress Stephanie Salas has made peace with the alleged father of her daughter because recently she has only good things to say about him. Upon hearing that Luis Miguel and his wife Aracely Arambula, 38, are going to have another child, Salas wished them the best and hoped to see them raise an enormous family.

“It's such a great thing, and I'm glad they're happy, and that they're so fertile. Hopefully they'll have 15 children!” said the actress/singer during a concert in Mexico City, where she sang songs from her latest album Tuna.

“I think I'm a bit out of the loop when it comes to that stuff, cause I had my child a long time ago, but I wish them the best because it's a beautiful thing,” added Silvia Pasquel's daughter, 38, assuring that her daughter Michelle Salas is also happy about the news.

The singer denied that she's estranged from her only daughter, and said that despite the fact that they live in different cities, they're still very close. “I can't imagine it any other way. She's my daughter, my blood, I love her, I gave birth to her!” she exclaimed.