Sarai Gonzalez brought the same energy that made her viral to a new promo pushing to drive the Latino vote.

By Thatiana Diaz
Updated November 07, 2016

The star of Bomba Estéreo's “Soy Yo” music video, Sarai Gonzalez, is back with the same song but a different message. In this remake of the video, titled “Be You y Vota,” the young Latina brings back the original dance moves and spunky attitude to spread the message on the importance of voting.

The video starts with Sarai pausing her television as Donald Trump speaks at the final presidential debate. She then heads outside to rally Latinos in her neighborhood and leads them to the voting polls.

Although too young to vote, Gonzalez is still voicing her opinion on the Republican nominee. “I was excited to do this video because this election is so important. I've had enough of Donald Trump. He's unkind and he's dishonest,” she said. “Even all the kids in my school know how racist he is and that he can't be president. He would make America much worse, not better. That's why everyone needs to vote.”

Sarai recently became a viral sensation—and antibullying icon—after starring in Colombian band Bomba Estéreo's video for their song “Soy Yo.” During the video, she embraces her unique style and fiery personality while facing all types of “haters” including a group of break-dancers.

Watch the remake above to see Sarai dance her way to the polls.