Fátima Boggio, who's still married to the actor, says they've been seeing each other for years

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 06, 2008
Jorge Salinas y Elizabeth Alvarez

Jorge Salinas is once again in the news for his playboy behavior. Just when people were starting to forget about his affair with Andrea Noli – which resulted in her getting pregnant with his child –, a source is now saying that Salinas is romantically involved with actress Elizabeth Álvarez.

Who revealed the information? It was none other than Fátima Boggio, the actor's wife from whom he's now separated. “Those rumors are from a long time ago, when I was pregnant. I think he's been with her since Andrea Noli got pregnant,” Boggio said in an interview with a Mexican magazine.

“I found out about both of them (Andrea Noli and Elizabeth Álvarez) at the same time. I knew that around that time Jorge went off to work at a private event, and he didn't call me on New Year's or for my birthday, which is Jan. 2. The thing with Elizabeth has been going on for about three years. The rumors started when I was pregnant, but I denied it,” she explained.

Both Salinas, 39, and Álvarez denied news of a relationship. “There's a friendship. There's been a friendship for many years. We've worked together,” Salinas said in his defense. As for Álvarez, 30, she insisted that her conscience was clean: “It's completely false. I don't have anything else to say or any other opinions. I'll talk about it soon, and I'll definitely chat about it with Jorge.”

Salinas and Álvarez currently play a pair of lovers on the telenovela Fuegos en la sangre, which airs April 21 on Univisión, also starring Eduardo Yáñez, Adela Noriega and Diana Bracho.