A photo of the actress wearing a striking ring got people talking about her possible wedding to an Arab businessman

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 08, 2007

The rumors that Rashee, actress Sofía Vergara's current boyfriend, has given her an engagement ring and proposed are not true.

“It's totally false,” said Conchita Oliva, a representative for LatinWE agency, which manages Vergara. Oliva cast aside the recent rumor that the gorgeous Colombian had allegedly received a marriage offer from the good-looking entrepreneur.

Speculation about a possible wedding between Sofía and the Arab businessman came about after the costar of the cancelled The Knights of Prosperity (ABC) series was recently photographed sporting spectacular bling.

According to the rumors published by different media, although the sexy 34-year-old star wouldn't confirm it, close friends of Luis Miguel's ex claimed that even though the couple hasn't dated long, Rashee is so in love with her, that he surprised her with a proposal and a beautiful ring.