Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Marzo 30, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

Snapchat has taken the way you message to a whole other level. Their most recent upgrade offers a massive set of new features that let's you have fun with the way you chat with your friends. Here's everything you need to know about what this popular app is bringing to the table:


When you get to the end of a friend's story or swipe left, the next story in your timeline starts playing automatically for easy watching.


200 stickers! Yes, I said it— 200 stickers are available in private chat. There are all types of stickers that cover a spectrum of emotions and popular sayings. How to: Just simply click the smiley face on the bottom right of the chat screen to access them.

Video Notes:

This was the trickiest to learn for me but now that I've learned it, I'm obsessed. The chat feature now let's you record and send 10-second max thumbnail-sized loops so it's like personalized gifs and who doesn't love gifs? How to: Hold onto the camera thumbnail at the bottom of the chat screen.

Audio Notes:

Let's say you don't want to show your face but you have something you want to say because you can't type at the moment, this is the feature for you. In the words of Adele, “Hello? It's me.” How to: Hold onto the phone thumbnail at the bottom of the chat screen.

Video and Audio Calls:
Step aside Facetime and Whatsapp, Snapchat is here to take the throne in video and audio calling. This feature basically turns the app into a phone. How to: Instead of holding onto the camera or phone thumbnail at the bottom of the chat screen, you simply just click either of them one time for the call feature.


If the video calls weren't cool enough, you are able to minimize the live video screen (your friend) into a thumbnail and drag it to the corner of the screen while you send them pictures, stickers or notes. How to: Swipe down your screen and once it turns into a thumbail, drag it to the corner.


You are able to send multiple images from your phone through chat but don't send those pictures just yet. Before you send them, Snapchat let's you add text, drawings or filters. How to: Click on the photo thumbnail on the bottom left of the chat screen to add photos.


Snapchat has finally clarified in their new Privacy Policy that they temporarily save snaps sent to live stories but delete everything else. Where to find: You can find their Privacy Policy in your settings.

Fear of Change:

For those of you who hate change or just feel like you couldn't keep up with Snapchat to begin with, no worries… you are still able to send snaps the old fashion way and the filters we've all grown to love are just where you left them.