The Mexican actress was operated on after her foot was fractured while rehearsing for a theatrical performance

By People Staff
Updated September 17, 2008

Silvia Pasquel finds herself in a bit of pain, but recuperating at her home in Mexico City, after her foot was operated on when a floorboard fell on it while she was rehearsing for a theatrical performance.

Silvia Pinal's daughter, 58, will be recovering for several months, and will have to stay away from the spotlight until she gets better.

“It was a complicated operation. She was in surgery for a while, but thank God everything turned out OK. A floorboard fell on her during rehearsals, and really injured her foot badly,” said Mailillany, the actress' friend.

During the operation, her half-sister Alejandra Guzmán was present with her daughter, and several friends. What hurt her most was that she couldn't celebrate her mother's 77th birthday with her at a restaurant in Mexico City because she's had to rest.