Charytín Goyco's son will wed Leslie Ann Machado in Santo Domingo

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 17, 2008
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They sure did try to keep it under wraps, but Shalim Ortiz and Leslie Ann Machado will indeed marry this Saturday, July 19, in Santo Domingo, according to a source close to the couple who exclusively told People En

Previously the Heroes actor revealed in an interview that he had plans to wed.

“I've found the one,” said Shalim, 29. “The question is when we'll get married, and with the help of God, it'll be sooner than later. This is the woman I love.”

Machado, 34, will finally the bear the grandchildren that Charytín Goyco so desperately wants.

“My dream is to see all my children married off and with kids, to see them settled, each one with a partner in life,” expresó Goyco. “It's their choice who they marry. I've already made my choice. I just want them to be happy.”

Ortiz, who's also a singer confirms: “My mom adores her. She loves her a lot. She always knew Leslie was the one.”

The couple will have to juggle their marriage with their work obligations: Machado hosts American Shopper (Fine Living Network) and Shalim is working on his new album that he hopes to release by the end of 2008. He's also making his debut as a producer fro the action movie Riptide, directed by Argentinean Dan Neira, who started shooting the film in June around the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.