The singer talked to us about his relationship with Leslie Ann and his plans for the future

Por Lena Hansen
Updated Junio 06, 2008
Shalim, Leslie Ann
Credit: Arkwing Enterprises

After seeing them dance and hold hands as they walked down the red carpet at People en Español's 50 Most Beautiful party, there's no doubt Shalim and Leslie Ann are more in love than ever. The charismatic blonde, who hosts show Escándalo TV (Telefutura), has already given her future daughter-in-law her blessing, calling Machado “[her] Princess.” Hopefully Machado will soon bear the grandchildren Charytín so longs for. For now, Shalim and his fiancée patiently plan their wedding, without overlooking their busy work schedules. Machado hosts American Shopper (Fine Living Network) and Shalim is working on a new album (yet to be titled) he hopes to release by the end of the year. He will also make his debut as a producer in the action film Riptide, from Argentinean director Dan Neira. The filming is scheduled to begin in June in the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

“Producing a film and squeezing a wedding in the middle is hard because her family lives in New York, my parents are in Miami and the rest of my family lives in the Dominican Republic,” says the 29 year-old singer. “We have to buy plane tickets and put on a whole production. God will guide us when it's the right time.”

Their romance seemed blessed from the get go. The “Se me olvidó tu nombre” singer and the 34-year-old Cuban American TV personality met in Puerto Rico in 1998, while they taped a segment of Control (Univisión), that Machado used to host. “It was love at first sight. I saw her eyes and fell in love with them, but I was 19 years old, I was a kid,” Shalim admits. “I didn't know who she was and when I saw her, it was a shock.”

They dated for six months back then, but according to Shalim, “he was too young to appreciate her” then, so they went their separate ways. However, around Christmas of 2005, he called her again. “She said: The (three kings) brought me quite a present!” the singer remembers.

Today they share a cozy home in Los Angeles, CA, near Griffith Park, where they have horses and mountains nearby. “I've found the person,” the Heroes (NBC) actor says. “Now the question of the year is when are we getting married? And God-willing it will be very soon. She's the woman I love.”

      Charytín is also Machado's fan. “My mom adores her, she really cares for her,” Shalim adds. “She always knew Leslie was the one.” As usual, mother knows best. “My dream is to see all my children married, with a family and kids, to see them settled, each with their partner in life,” Charytín said. “They are their partners, their choice, I already chose mine. I just want them to be happy.” And judging from their ear-to-ear smiles, they are!