Eduardo Rodríguez will be on Al despertar (Univisión) this Tuesday with the editor of, to tell his story

Por People Staff
Updated Noviembre 11, 2008

When Eduardo Rodríguez won PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL's “Sexiest Man” contest a few weeks ago, he thought a door had opened to make his dreams come true about becoming a model and finding his father Eduardo Chaidez, who he hasn't seen since he was a boy. In fact, one of the reasons why the 24-year-old Mexican joined the contest was so that his father might be able to recognize him if he saw him in the magazine.

“What I most want in the world is to find him, to hug him and tell him that I love him, and that I've missed him. I don't have any resentments, and I don't need any explanations about why he left,” says Rodríguez.

“Everyday, my heart tells me that I'm closer to finding him,” says bartender Rodríguez, who fell in love with the idea of a career in entertainment when he attended the 50 Most Beautiful People party thrown by PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL at a club in New York. “When I say all those celebs, I said, one day I'm going to be like that and that's how I'll be able to find my dad,” explained Rodríguez, who hasn't seen his father in 20 years, since his mother and him moved from Mexico to Los Angeles, after the couple's marital problems.

“My mother doesn't talk about him. The only thing I know is that they had problems, and they seperated, but it probably had to do a lot with age, because she was only 15 when she had me, and my father was 25,” says Rodríguez.

Eduardo Rodríguez made a recent appearance on the TV show Al despertar (Univisión) this morning next to Ernesto Sánchez, editor of to tell his story.