Sex worker Alfredo Cervantes Landa is writing a book where he will reveal the names of other celebrities who paid for his services

Por People Staff
Updated Junio 02, 2008
Credit: ntx fotos

Alfredo Cervantes Landa –a Mexican sex worker who became famous after beating TV host Fabián Lavalle, with whom he claims he had an affair that lasted a few years –now claims that singer Cristian Castro was also his client!

Mexican newspaper Excélsior reported that 42-year-old Cervantes, who is now behind bars, said he was working on a controversial book. Cervantes said he met Verónica Castro's son 10 years ago in the Zona Rosa neighborhood of the Mexican capital and the singer had solicited his services on two occasions.

Lavalle's alleged aggressor also argues he had sexual relations with various celebrities during the last few years. The Mexican press reports that many public figures are now praying for a miracle, hoping Cervantes will change his mind and not drag their names into this scandal.

Cervantes Landa awaits trial for allegedly beating Lavalle on October 31 of last year, after spending the night together in a Mexico City hotel. Cervantes claims Lavalle refused to pay him, but the TV host vehemently denies knowing his aggressor.