Both singers' reps denied the existence of an erotic tape in which the musicians and Antonio de la Rúa appear together

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 01, 2008

Today, a rumor surfaced that a video might exist that shows Alejandro Sanz, Shakira and her boyfriend, Antonio de la Rúa, having a ménage à trois onboard a yacht.

The rumor got started when Argentinean radio personality Javier Ceriani, who hosts the show Zona cero (Clásica 92.3 FM), said the following during an appearance on “It's been said a lot these days that there is a private video recorded on a yacht, one that could implicate Alejandro Sanz, Shakira and Antonio de la Rúa, but that tape is in the hands of the courts.”

According to reports, the video is being held by the courts in Miami's Dade County, where the extortion case involving the Spanish singer, 39, Carlos González and his wife Sylvia Helena Alzate, is being reviewed.

The singers' reps offices sent out a statement to the press denying the existence of the video. “This is a false rumor. This is totally absurd any way you look at it. There is no possibility that such a video exists. It is a baseless and malicious rumor,” the document reads.

This isn't the first time the “Corazón partío” singer and the 31-year-old Colombian songstress have been linked. In 2005, it was rumored the two began dating after she and De La Rúa temporarily split up and Sanz and his ex-wife Jaydy Mitchel called it quits. The rumors got even more intense when the viewers saw Shakira and Sanz's sexy video for the song “La tortura.”