Group members of K-Paz de la Sierra claim that they can see the ghost of their former lead vocalist, who was murdered, in a music video for their song "Volveré"

By People Staff
Updated July 25, 2008

The band K-Paz de la Sierra was shocked to see what they claim is an apparition in their music video “Volveré”, of their former lead vocalist, Sergio Gómez, who was murdered.

“Everything was fine until minute 4:43 in the video, which is when I noticed a little bright light on the screen. It looked like it was a film error, but I realized, as I checked frame by frame that it wasn't a technical error. The light only appears in three frames the whole video,” said producer Polo Camargo on the TV show La oreja (Televisa).

“If you look closely, the ray of light comes out of Juan Gómez (brother to Sergio and director of the band), it touches the hat that's on the floor, and looks like it's shining on all the band members, and just before it passes through the last band member, it disappears,” explained the producer as he showed the video, which he calls a sign from the lead vocalist that he's still with the band.

This hasn't been the only “sighting” of Gómez's spirit. It was rumored that he was seen in Michoacán, and someone even hired a psychic to see if they could make an other-worldly connection to the late singer.

The ‘Mi credo” singer was found dead after having been kidnapped in Michoacán, México, on December 3, 2007, where he was giving a concert. His murderers beat and tortured him, and the case is still under investigation.