Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Julio 08, 2016

The team behind Minions is bringing us a new animated film, The Secret Life of Pets. This movie looks into a question all pet-owners could relate to: what do our pets do when we're not around? This film gives us a glimpse into the life they live when we're not looking, which is nothing you'd ever expect.

Behind the movie's furry friends are actors who together make a hilarious group of animals. Meet the faces behind the main pets, who let us know a little more on relating to their characters. Be sure to catch the film out in theatres today, June 8.

Max – Louis C.K.

Secret Life of Pets – MAX

Louis C.K. is the voice of the main character, Max, who experiences a change in his peaceful life when his owner Katie brings home a new dog, Duke. The famous comedian has his own show Louie and has two new series' coming soon, Horace and Pete and Better Things.

“This movie always made sense to me and that's why I decided to do it. I live in New York and you have this sort of tension between your little home,” said Louis.

Snowball – Kevin Hart

Secret Life of Pets – SNOWBALL

Kevin Hart voices the cute-and-crazy bunny that leads an underground revolution of undomesticated pets. The actor continues his comedy movie streak this year following Ride Along 2 and Central Intelligence.

“I was excited. This was my first animation film. Nothing gets you more excited than to see your character have two sides,” said Hart.

Duke – Eric Stonestreet

Secret Life of Pets – DUKE

Eric Stonestreet is the actor behind Duke, the rescue dog that disturbs Max's cozy lifestyle in New York City. The Modern Family actor is known for his role of Cam in the popular ABC series.

“I love animals. I love dogs. I grew up with pigs, cows, cats, and dogs in Kansas. I connect with Duke on that level. I have respect for him as an animal or in this case, as a character in a movie,” shared Stonestreet.

Watch the trailer for The Secret Life of Pets below: