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With Facebook Live, Snapchat, and Instgram at our hands, how could we not experience FOMO, a.k.a “Fear of Missing Out”?

According to New York Magazine, social media is the leading cause of FOMO. Shocker.

Although we could've already guessed that information, the facts found in a study done in a 2013 survey published in Computers In Human Behavior might surprise you.

One might think that FOMO is solely all about your friends having fun without you, but in actuality, it's that you are dissatisfied with your own life— reality check. If a person isn't pleased with his or her life, they will spend more time on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter. This time spent on social media leads to more FOMO, which causes a neverending cycle.

Scientists in the study also found that young men reported having higher levels of FOMO.

This fear can be of a concern for those with higher levels as it can lead to a higher risk of depression or distracted driving habits, including texting or emailing while driving.

Study researcher Andrew Przybylski, a psychologist at the University of Essex in England, suggests that distance is key. “Sometimes, it's good to insulate yourself from the world of possibilities,” he said. So put down your phone, and embrace the life you got instead of the life of those on your newsfeed.