This Friday, the actress will debut in the 11-year-old musical, replacing Edith González in the starring role

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 25, 2008

After weeks of intense rehearsals, actress Sabine Moussier is ready to reprise the role of Elena Tejero, the leading lady in the musical Aventurera (Adventurer), starting on August 29.

During a press event, the producer Carmen Salinas officially welcomed the actress, 42, and assured she found a great replacement for Edith González, who left the show to go to Colombia to film Doña Bárbara. Moussier's debut coincides with the 11th anniversary of Aventurera.

“We're very happy with Sabine. I saw her rehearsing yesterday, and she knew every dance step, line, and lyric,” said Eduardo Santamarina, who also stars in the musical.

The new Aventurera will make her appearance in in the Blanquita theater in Mexico City, and Moussier assures that she won't let her audience down.