Por Pía Velasco
Updated Mayo 17, 2016
Credit: Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Up until now Twitter has been counting links and photos towards its tweet character limit, which let's be real, can be pretty frustrating. Sure, a picture says more than a thousand words, but when you're limited to 140 letters you really need to max them out as much as possible to tell your story. Well guess what? Our Twitter dreams may just come true!

Earlier this year Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey teased us with hints about the future of the company's policy through a photo or as he called it, a “tweetstorm”. In it he expresses his love for the restraint as it inspires creativity, brevity, and a sense of speed, but also claims that they're not going to be shy about building more utility and power into Twitter.

Yesterday, Bloomberg reported that Twitter would stop counting photos and links, which currently take up 23 characters, as a part of its limit. Although Twitter hasn't confirmed these rumors just yet, it does look promising. And the best part? This new feature may become available in the next two weeks!

Whether this may be used to inspire more rants from Kanye or tell compelling milk shake stories, we're excited to see where this will go.

UPDATE: Twitter has confirmed that new changes will be made to simplify Tweets. Here is what we can expect:

Replies: @names will not count toward the original 140-character count when replying.

Media: Gifs, videos, polls, or Quote Tweets will no longer count as characters either.

Retweet/Quote yourself: If you have something you've said in the past that you want to re-emphasize or change your thoughts on, Twitter is enabling the Retweet option on your own Tweets.

No more ‘.@' necessary: Any tweets that begin with the username will get to all your followers so you don't have to use the ‘.@' convention to reach everyone.

The main point of these changes is to give users more room for what they want to say so there is no need for penny-pinching words.

Twitter users will begin to see the updates over the coming months.